We're Glad

You're Here


To influence our generation into a transforming relationship with Jesus, and into vibrant community with each other, so that the people of Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth Counties and beyond can flourish
— Our Mission


sunday worship 8:45a & 10:30a

One Brick


In July and August of 2017 we turn our attention to teaching through the story of a man God used named Nehemiah.  He was not a pastor, spiritual teacher, or prophet.  He was a city administrator, that was so moved by a gap that he saw between the way things were and they way that things should have been that he took action.

As we will see in Nehemiah, creating a vibrant church that renews our city is a God-sized call to action that will require all of us.   And that, at it’s core, is what the church is supposed to be about. It’s more than a building. It’s about building a community of people, living in the way of Jesus, facing outward, and engaging in God’s work of renewing our world.


Everybody's Welcome

No matter where you come from, or what you’ve done - We’re glad you're here. Other people made space for us to find a church home and we want to pass that on to you. 

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Nobody's Perfect

We are a community where it’s ok to admit that you’re a work in progress. One reason we value being real is that it helps us see our need for God and for growth and for change. 

Anything's Possible

We are still amazed at the miracle of a changed life, and believe that God is real and active today. Jesus showed us that there is not problem in human life that God cannot solve. 


Weekend Venues


We gather as a community each weekend in 3 venues to sing songs together, listen to Bible based teaching and connect with one another. Though we have developed 3 different venues on our campus, we are not even close to being done. God has so much in store for our church. We will keep listening to the guidance of the Spirit as we joyfully partner with God in what He is up to in Norfolk County and beyond. You should join us this weekend! 

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The Sanctuary 

needs no introduction. It is our classic space for entering into worship on a Sunday morning. The worship and message are live, and the music never sounded as good as it does now on our new sound system. 

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The Underground

head downstairs where you can fill up on a fabulous breakfast, made to order from a full menu. Our 10:30a worship service is broadcast live on three screens so that you may experience it in a relaxed atmosphere, sitting with family and friends, all while enjoying a meal together. 

The Cafe

located right off our lobby, serves up all the latest specialty drinks and pastries. Grab a latte to go before or after the service, or enjoy it during the service as you watch on three TV’s from our comfortable cafe seating. 

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There is not a problem in the world that apprenticeship to Jesus cannot solve.
— Dallas Willard



Young families are an important part of our who we are, and so it is our privilege to provide age appropriate teaching and nurturing childcare for your kiddos. From nursery to 5th grade, there are committed leaders and programs focused on our children. 



We believe JR & SR High Students are part of the church now, so we work hard to craft our services with multi- generational appeal. That being said, the Youth still have access to their own space: Sunday Night Youth Group.


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Life Groups

Because life is better in community. We believe that authentic community is the best place to find belonging and be challenged to grow. Our life groups meet all over the area and at different times during the week, and they are eager to invite you in. You should take a risk and try one out. 


We believe that the church is at it’s best when it operates as a unified community of servants. God has given each and every one of us special gifts that are meant to enrich the lives of others in our church, communities and the world. You should find a place to chip in. 


Giving Back


Because we know we live in a world where nobody’s perfect, there is lots of work to do! We seek to help people to flourish the way God intends. Our local and global partner ministries seek to show God’s love and to share the good news of Jesus in our own backyards and around the world. 

Giving Generously

Church of Emmanuel is made possible by people who give regularly and generously. In 1913, a quarter given in faith as a “nest egg” sparked the generosity that led to the purchase of our current property on Central Street and the very first sanctuary to worship in. Now it’s our turn! 

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