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This is a brief introduction to the amazing journey of what God has done at Church of Emmanuel. It is a story that dates back over 100 years. In 1907, a group of 11 people simply said “yes” to the call to reach out to their community with the life changing news of Jesus. This same spirit runs in all of us who have come after. And that, at it’s core, is what the church is supposed to be about. It’s more than a building. It’s a community of people living in the way of Jesus.

Perhap’s you're kicking the tires to see if Church of Emmanuel is right for you. Or maybe you've been around here for awhile and want to learn more about the church you call home. Either way, I’m so glad you're here!

My hope for you is that you would find Church of Emmanuel to be a place where you feel genuinely welcomed and meaningfully challenged. A place where you can find transforming community. A place to find your own purpose through serving. To experience the joy of a generous life. And most importantly, my hope is that Church of Emmanuel is a place for you to grow in a flourishing relationship with Jesus.


Seth McCoy,
Senior Pastor
Church of Emmanuel 


What we Value


This means we think a lot about where God is leading us. Our leadership is outward facing which means we are a church who cares about the people who are not here yet.


This means we seek to understand the unique God-given abilities of each person and that we prefer collaboration instead of working alone.


This means we try to anticipate the needs of people in advance, developing innovative ministries and programs. We want our creativity to be inspiring which means we want the things we develop to lift people above what they think is possible.


This means we say no to 1,000 good things to do a few great things. Our discipline is about follow through which means we earn trust by doing what we say we will do, especially the last ten percent.


This means if it’s worth doing, it’s worth pouring our whole hearts into. In order to be excellent we also need accountability which means we need others to help call out the best in us.

What We're like


We like things clear and concise.


We live on the solution side of life.


We love surprise, delight, joy.


We prefer to be real, not slick.


We try to strike the chord shared in the deepest part of all of us.


We want to call you to be the best version of yourself.


Because there is no problem in human life that apprenticeship to Jesus cannot solve.
— Dallas Willard