Discovering God

What does it take to be in a relationship with God?

Devote yourself to unselfish religious deeds? Become a better person so that God will accept you? You may be surprised that none of those things will work. God has made it very clear in the Bible that we can know Him. God has also made it clear in the Bible how we can know Him, in a way that changes us deeply from the inside out. God even makes the bold claim that discovering Him is the most important thing to accomplish in life. That’s what this Discovering God series is all about.


1. The Best Thing in Life.

Discovering God is the most meaningful pursuit in life. We were made by Him. We were made like Him. We were made to live in community with the God of the Universe. Since He is our creator, knowing Him more deeply, fully and personally is the best way to spend our lives. Knowing God will revive us, both individually and together.


2. The Only True God.

There is only one God, and our thoughts of Him are too small. He is more complex than we know and is three in one. He said we should have no Gods beside Him or before Him. The God of the Bible is One, and three in one. The Father is the author, the Son is God incarnate and eternally begotten, and the Spirit is eternally proceeding.


3. Majesty & Wisdom.

God is the all powerful and perfect sovereign of the universe. His manifold wisdom is beyond our searching out, and beyond our judgement. We can and should place our trust in Him, his character and competency. He has given us wisdom, commands, laws, and promises in His word. He is the best foundation upon which to build our lives.


4. Experiencing God Personally.

Jesus shows us that God is a personal being. And as a person has will, desire, passion. He gives love and grace, and is also the judge. He is good and gives good gifts in common grace. He is also sever, and has so much passion that he is jealous. He can be offended. He invites us into a relationship of deep passion and commitment. Lack of passion, devotion, exclusivity offends his nature.


5. God for Us.

The gospel tells the story of adoption. We have the invitation into the family, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with that. It is His sovereign choice, and since He has chosen us he will hold us during trials. In our trials he will fight for us, and we can be assured that if He is fighting on our behalf, and there is no enemy that can defeat Him, then there is no enemy that may defeat us. This should free us to live lives of hope and joyful confidence in God. We should be fearless and standing strong in the face of the storms of life.