Financial Disorder - Part 2: "Settling the Stewardship Issue"


In the first week, we talk about how God should be the master of our finances. For week two, we’ll talk about our responsibility to be good stewards of finances. That includes budgeting well and keeping track of our money. How am I implementing a financial vision for my part in God’s kingdom and where am I sending God’s money? Money serves as a litmus test for people’s hearts; where your money goes most easily reveals what you love. For some, the idea of tracking the details and implementing a financial plan is difficult. For those who are skilled money-managers, they have the opportunity to use their gifts and abilities to assist others in being good stewards. Are you tithing? God is willing to be tested. Try it out! It’s much better to have God 10% involved in your finances than to refuse giving to further His kingdom.

Discipleship Groups Study Guide

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