Financial Disorder - Part 1: "Settling the Ownership Issue"


Money can be a destructive source when misunderstood or mismanaged, but when it’s handled wisely, it’s a source of immense good in our society. We often think of our money as being a private issue, something no outside force has a hand in. The truth is while our finances are personal, there’s nothing private about it. How we spend our money affects others. Who’s in charge of your finances? Jesus teaches that man cannot serve two masters. Either you’re in charge or God is. For instance, bad debt is simply the idea that I am unwilling to live under the current limitations God has set. Not all money is destructive, just like not all killing is murder. Money becomes destructive when it contributes to the spiritual kingdom of “self”. Are you clinging tightly to your money or have you entrusted your finances to God?

Seth McCoyComment