1. ABel - the object of faith (June 30)

The object of our faith determines the way we interact in faith with that object. Each of the brother’s sacrifices, Cain’s and Abel’s, reflected the nature of the relationship between the brother and God. For Abel God was the object to be grasped and for Cain God was a means to an object to be grasped. So in the end, it is not the strength of your faith it’s the object of your faith that makes you a righteous man.


2. Enoch - The Purpose of faith (July 7)

In our day and age, many Christians primarily say that the point of exercising faith, growing in faith, and living by faith, is to use faith to access all the riches, materially and physically, that we want. Enoch shows us the opposite. What winning looks like in faith is pleasing God. What pleased God the most about Enoch, is that he walked with Him. Enoch reminds us that the point of having faith is to come to really know the God who we love.


3. Noah - The Problem of Faith (July 14)

Noah looked at his current situation and the concept of what is reasonable to expect in the near future. He had to set that aside, not based on his own logic and understanding but because God spoke to him. He had to choose whether to take action on God’s command or his own understanding about current reality and the likely future in front of him. The problem of faith is that it’s still faith.