What to Expect

Our goal at Emmanuel is that people would experience spiritual, social, economic, and emotional flourishing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




Thanks for taking some time to visit Emmanuel online.

We’re glad you’re here. Seriously.

You should know - we roll out the welcome mat for visitors, learners, seekers, skeptics and everyone in between. We want people to know what Jesus has done for them. We want you to know how deeply he cares for you. We believe the gospel can change your life.

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Our environment is casual at Emmanuel and you don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear. We aren’t sticklers about clothing. We worship and preach in the language of the people, avoiding unnecessary theological or spiritual jargon. We explain the service as we go along, and try to show continual willingness to biblically address the questions that you are asking.


Kids & Students

They’re not only the future, kids and students are vital participants of today. So we help them learn their identity is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ through fun and age-appropriate teaching, engaging and vibrant community, and by allowing them to explore their unique gifts and abilities.

Click here to learn more about our Kids & Student Ministries.

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We are located at 106 Central St. in Foxboro MA. There is parking in the back, our parking team, greeters, and info team will make sure you feel welcome and know where you’re going.

Sundays @ 9:00am // 11:00am