What we Believe


the gospel

The center

Inside Out: The gospel begins with the realization that the problem with us is inside. The atonement teaches us that we are made right with God by receiving Christ into the deepest part of us, bringing internal change that, over time, works itself out through ongoing spiritual transformation.

Upside Down: The gospel leads us to see that the Kingdom of God is a counter-cultural movement. The Incarnation teaches us that we descend into greatness as we follow the living example of Jesus in every area of life.

Forward Back: The gospel promises that God’s vision for the universe will come true. Jesus’ resurrection is the sign that all things will be made new. We work to bring that future reality into every sector of society, praying that His kingdom come and His will be done, knowing that full success will not be achieved until His return.

Facing Outward: Scripture teaches us that God is love, and love is always other-oriented. The gospel teaches us that the most full and complete life is found in living for the sake of others, because the Great Commission challenges us to take the gospel to everyone. 



The pathway

Discover: Personally and together we are discovering and receiving the gift of grace. We want everyone, including you, to respond to God’s invitation to rebuild your life around Jesus. We welcome both believers and skeptics to process their doubts and beliefs with the recognition that it is not sufficient to hold doubts or beliefs just because we inherited them.

Change: Jesus invites all of us into a vital and personal relationship with God. This vital connection empowers us to experience deep and meaningful change in a community that encourages us in our growth and development. It is in smaller groups where we find the sense of belonging and challenge that helps us put into practice what Jesus lived and taught.    

Flourish: Jesus did not come to form a new religion, He began a movement. Today millions of His followers are unleashed into every sector of society, living their faith publicly, putting faith into their work for the common good, giving their lives in service and compassion, and inviting others into a personal relationship with Jesus.


our denomination

The Christian & Missionary Alliance

Our God has boundless resources. The only limit is in us. Our asking, our thinking, our praying are too small. Our expectations are too limited.
— A. B. Simpson             Alliance Founder

The U.S. Alliance is part of a Christ-centered global movement more than 6 million strong. 

We’re Christ-Centered: Our Alliance family celebrates Jesus - the image of the invisible God, the Lord of all Creation!
We Rely on His Spirit: We are convinced it is only by the Holy Spirit’s empowerment that we can fully express Jesus’ love. 
We Are Family: We are part of Christ’s Church, His chosen means to fulfill His purposes on earth.
We Love Our Neighbors: In the United States, our Alliance family extends His love to everyone we meet.
We Love Our World: We send and support hundreds of Alliance International Workers who care for the sick, befriend the lonely, and introduce spiritually impoverished people to the One who releases us all from the curse of sin and the sting of death.